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New Member Application Instructions

To apply for a new membership in Beth El Binah, please complete the online form below.

For questions about the membership process, please contact our Vice President.  If you have trouble with the online form, contact the webmaster.  For contact information, see Contact Us.

Note: If you are a current member, please use the renewal form instead.  To access the renewal form, first log in.  Then, under the MEMBERSHIP drop-down menu, select CURRENT MEMBER RENEWAL.  If you have difficulty logging in, please contact the webmaster.

Online Membership Application Form

Please indicate the number of adults in the household.

Adult 1

Note that this email address will also serve as the username when logging in to the Beth El Binah web site.

Adult 2
This field is optional.  However, if it is omitted this person will not be able to log in to the Beth El Binah web site.

Household Information

Children (still living at home)

For each child in the household, click the plus sign and add the child's name and birthday.

First-name Last-name


You can supply yahrzeit information here, or fill it in later after your account is created.

For each yahrzeit, click the plus sign and add the information.

The name of a member of your household account.

Indicate how the deceased is related (e.g., Father, Sister, Friend)

Payment Information
Membership Levels
 Level  Single  Household  Benefits Include
Shalom  $325 $425 High Holiday Tickets
Mitzvah  $425  $625 High Holiday + Passover Seder Tickets
 Aliyah  $575  $825 High Holiday + Passover Seder Tickets
 Chai  $1275  $1525 High Holiday + Passover Seder Tickets and the members are recognized as underwriters of High Holiday services
 Student  $125  –   High Holiday Tickets
 Out of Town  $100  $100  

Beth El Binah will not deny membership due to financial need.
Please contact any board member to discuss dues relief. 

Select your membership level.  Refer to the table above.

When we receive this application, we will set up your Beth El Binah account and charge your dues to it.  We'll send an email to you with login instructions.

If you plan to pay by check, please indicate here whether you want a single charge for the full amount or to have the dues split into monthly charges.

If you plan to use PayPal, we will charge your Beth El Binah account for the full amount; you will have the option to split the payments later when you set them up on PayPal.  Please wait for our email notifying you that your account is created – you will log in to your Beth El Binah account and access PayPal from there so that the payment is applied correctly.

Each month we will send a statement for accounts that have a balance due.

After you press "Submit" below, your application will be processed.


Wed, June 26 2019 23 Sivan 5779